When getting a puppy from Live Oak Kennels, you will receive the following:

* weekly updates with pictures on your puppy's progress

* AKC paperwork

* the first set of shots and vet exam

* a printed pedigree for your puppy

* a puppy that is apptitude tested which facilitates choosing the best suited pup for your family

* a puppy that has been well socialized with a variety of people

* a puppy that has been been exposed to crates and begun the house training process

* a puppy that has received early neurological stimulation. The documented benefits of stimulation are: improved cardiovascular performance, stronger adrenal gland function, increased tolerance to stress, and greater resistance to disease compared to non-stimulated puppies.

* a breeder who will be available for your questions and concerns throughout the life of your pup


We are looking for owners who are committed to a lifetime with their new family member. Our owners need to be ready to devote the time and energy needed to raise a healthy, well mannered Leonberger. This includes regular exercise, consistent socialization to new people and situations for at least two years, group obedience classes, proper nutrition, and health care. We want our owners to do research on the breed and meet Leonbergers if possible. Getting a giant breed dog is a big decision that needs to be thought through. There are many aspects to consider. A Leonberger needs a reasonably sized fenced in yard. They need to have space to run and play freely. Having a dog this size can get expensive. The price of food can be expensive, but vet bills can be high as well. The doses of medications, such as heartworm preventative, are based on weight and prices can add up quickly. Owners have to be financially able to care for their dog. We are interested in active, loving homes for our puppies. If you feel like you could provide that, please contact us to start our interview process.